Terms: $25 Bitcoin Promotion

  1. Get $25 in free Bitcoin when you buy $150 or more in Bitcoin at any Coin Cloud Digital Currency Machine (DCM) and use the promo code COINCLOUD between:
    June 15, 2021, at 12:01 am PDT, and December 31, 2021, at 11:59 pm PST.
  2. All current and new customers are eligible to use the COINCLOUD promo code one time to redeem the $25 reward with a qualifying purchase of $150 in Bitcoin.
  3. To receive the $25 reward, you must verify your account and meet minimum KYC compliance, which requires providing a valid government-issued ID.
  4. To use the promo code, find the nearest Coin Cloud DCM. Enter your mobile phone number and verification code, select "Buy Bitcoin," and scan your wallet address. On the next screen, tap "Promo Code" and enter COINCLOUD. Insert your cash and press "I'm Done."
  5. Promo code may only be used once per customer. Your customer account is based on your mobile phone number, and only one phone number may be used per customer. Bonus Bitcoin will be sent to the same wallet address used to make the qualifying purchase, within 10 business days of qualifying purchase.
  6. This offer is only available at a Coin Cloud Digital Currency Machine (DCM). The offer can not be transferred to any other platform, including website, mobile app or over-the-counter trade.