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Host a Coin Cloud Machine to Optimize Your Profit
Hosting a Coin Cloud
Digital Currency Machine (DCM) is the most effective way to infuse your business with passive income.
We’re talking 100% turnkey with zero cost and zero work. Seriously.
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We offer you a highly-profitable turnkey system with absolutely zero work required.

100% Turnkey Experience
We deliver, install, set up, maintain and service the machine for you. We take care of everything.
Customer Service
We support your customers by phone, email or chat, whenever they need help. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Marketing Support
We list your store on Google, Apple Maps, Facebook and more, providing top search results and positioning your location as a featured destination.
Licensing & Regulation
Our industry-leading Compliance team takes care of all the legal requirements, including registration and licensing.
Just provide a 1.9 foot square of retail floor space and a power outlet.
You get paid for your space, you never have to lift a finger, and you reap many rewards.
Increased foot traffic: New customers looking for digital currency services see your listing on Google and your positioning as a featured destination.
Repeat foot traffic: Customers who want to buy more digital currency, or cash out what they own, come to you over and over as the only provider of these services.
Increased revenue: Customers purchase other goods and services while at your store, spending more on average than other clientele.
Payment for your floor space: We pay you monthly for the privilege of using 16 inches of space. It’s the highest revenue per square foot in retail.
Coin Cloud DCMs empower your customers to buy and sell Bitcoin and 40+ other digital currencies with cash.
Install your free DCM for effortless passive income, month after month.

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