Welcome to Coin Cloud's Quick Start Guide

Coin Cloud digital currency machines (DCMs) are the fastest and easiest way to buy and sell Bitcoin and other virtual currencies with cash.

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Here’s What You Need to Get Started. But First... What is Digital Currency?

Create Your Mobile Wallet

You can use any digital wallet with our machines, but the Coin Cloud Wallet app is tailored to give you the fastest, most seamless experience.

Set up Your Digital Wallet

You'll be asked to write down a 12-word recovery phrase, and store it securely. This code is very important and should never be shared with anyone. You will need it to retrieve your funds if you ever want to restore or import your wallet.

Log in to the Machine Using Your Mobile Phone Number

No need to remember emails or passwords. Use your phone number to securely log in and start using the digital currency machine.

Buy or Sell Bitcoin and Other Digital Currencies with Cash

Now that your wallet is ready and you are logged in to the machine, you can start buying and selling digital currency!

Ready to jump into crypto?

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