Meet the Crypto Community

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Coin Cloud Team
, published on 
October 3, 2020
Meet the Crypto Community

What type of people come to mind when you think of crypto? Is it tech-savvy guys with glasses and pocket protectors? Maybe your mind goes to a different place, imagining dangerous criminals and shady dark web activity. But the truth of the matter might surprise you.

Like with any hobby, job, or interest, people who are into digital currency usually love to talk about it. And where else to talk about your interests but the open frontier of the internet? This has led to a thriving, passionate, and active crypto community connected by the web, similar to the connectedness of cryptocurrency itself. With that freedom, the crypto community has also brought with it a diverse variety of people. No one group is excluded when it comes to digital currency, and that’s reflected in their online presence.

As mentioned, this online community isn’t only present through their money-based transactions. Crypto users also have a presence on entertainment and education-based platforms, including podcasts, YouTube channels, magazines, blogs and social media. People interested in digital currency have a wide range of content to consume at their fingertips.

Top Crypto Podcasts

One of the more popular crypto podcasts is Crypto 101, hosted by Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone. This podcast boasts a 4.5 rating on iTunes and does a stand-up job of bringing crypto-related news and entertainment to interested people. There’s even an episode featuring Chris McAlary, the CEO of Coin Cloud.

Another example of a popular digital currency podcast is Around The Coin. Like Crypto 101, Chris McAlary made an appearance to talk about how Coin Cloud started. Both of these collaborations are prime examples of how interconnected this community is. Pioneers in crypto can be entertaining or educating (or both), but either way, anyone interested in digital currency has an entire world of content to choose from. Educators, entertainers, new users and entrepreneurs alike are all brought together through online content.

Who Uses Cryptocurrency?

As mentioned earlier, one of the common beliefs about cryptocurrency is that all of its users are tech-savvy youngsters, which is far from the truth. According to a study done by crypto-exchange site 2gether in 2019, the majority of their users are in the 36-45-year-old age range. While still relatively young, it’s not the same as the 20-year-olds who are often perceived as the primary users of cryptocurrency.

This concept is also reflected in the users of Coin Cloud Bitcoin ATMs. Many of our customers are not only past the age of 45, but the majority of them are females. More and more Coin Cloud machines are also seeing an uptake in users who are unbanked altogether, showing that these BTMs are helping to bring financial freedom to Americans (now Brazilians as well).

This is a testament to the goal of Coin Cloud (and what should be a goal for everyone), which is bringing digital currency to all, regardless of race, gender, creed or age. That’s what the cryptocurrency community is, and Coin Cloud strives to protect the ideal.

Disclaimer: The information and views supplied on the Coin Cloud blog are for educational and entertainment purposes only. We are not financial advisors, so please do your research and consult with a trusted financial specialist before investing your money.

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