How to Sell Bitcoin at a Coin Cloud DCM

Cashing Out Your Crypto in 5 Easy Steps
Coin Cloud Team
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August 27, 2021
How to Sell Bitcoin at a Coin Cloud DCM

We’ve talked about how to buy Bitcoin at a Coin Cloud DCM. But did you that, unlike any run-of-the-mill Bitcoin ATM, you can also cash out your crypto at a Coin Cloud Digital Currency Machine? That’s right … it’s one of the reasons we’re More Than Just a Bitcoin ATM™.

Step 1: Find a Machine

Before you can sell Bitcoin at one of Coin Cloud’s DCMs, you need to find a nearby machine. Luckily, that’s not hard at all! Coin Cloud has created easy-to-use resources that allow you to search for Bitcoin near you using a digital map.

Just visit Coin.Cloud or download the Coin Cloud Wallet app. Both of these have maps that show you exactly where our machines are located.

Step 2: Visit Your DCM

Once you’ve found the Coin Cloud DCM that you want to go to, all you have to do is walk up to the machine and press the “Start” button. You’ll first be shown a screen of terms and conditions, put in place to protect users from being scammed. Accept the terms, and you’re ready to rock!

Step 3: Get Your Code

Next, you’ll be prompted to type in your mobile phone number. Then you will be texted a unique identifier code, or verification code. Enter this code into the machine and press “Proceed”.

Step 4: Sell Bitcoin

The following screen will give you four options: Buy Bitcoin, Sell Bitcoin, Buy Altcoins and Increase Limits. Choose “Sell Bitcoin”.

Now you’ll be asked to scan the QR code on the machine’s screen with your digital wallet. Hold your wallet’s scan function over the QR code and then enter how much BTC you want to cash out. After you’ve confirmed your sell amount and approved the transaction, it will begin being processed on the blockchain. This usually takes 10 minutes for Bitcoin.

Step 5: Collect Your Cash

After your transaction has been fully confirmed, your money is ready to withdraw. Enter your number again to retrieve it, and the cash will start dispensing.

Bam! You just sold Bitcoin for cash!

Bonus: Time-Saving Hack

Instead of entering your number into the machine twice and waiting for the blockchain verification, you can use the Coin Cloud Wallet app to set up your sell in advance. Choose any machine you like and start the transaction from your mobile phone. Your cash will be reserved for up to 48 hours at that DCM, and you can withdraw it with a single click as soon as you arrive!

Pretty cool hack, right? Yup … you can’t do that at any old Crypto ATM!

What is Coin Cloud?

Founded in 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Coin Cloud is the leading digital currency machine (DCM) operator. With over 4,000 locations nationwide, in 48 states and Brazil, Coin Cloud operates the world’s largest and fastest-growing network of 100% two-way DCMs, a more advanced version of the Bitcoin ATM. Every Coin Cloud DCM empowers you to quickly and easily buy and sell 40+ virtual currency options with cash.

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