Coin Cloud Women: Hear Them Roar

Celebrating Women’s History Month
Coin Cloud Team
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March 22, 2021
Coin Cloud Women: Hear Them Roar

March is Women’s History Month, a celebration of women’s accomplishments and contributions to the world. This month-long homage originally grew out of International Women’s Day, because people decided that women deserved more than a single day of appreciation. And we’d agree with that!

Coin Cloud is proud to employ a lot of powerful and accomplished women, all the way up to the executive level, who are forging new trails in the financial tech industry. To showcase this fact and honor each and every one of them during Women’s History Month, we decided to ask a few questions about passion, career and success.

What inspires or motivates you?

“Helping people is really what drives me on a daily basis,” says Bobbi Wilson, CPO.

“In general, my willingness to help others inspires and motivates me,” says Shannon ‘Mini’ Luoma, Contract Administrator. “When it comes to my work, my inspiration carries through my work ethic, as I take pride in knowing what I can bring to the table.”

“What inspires me is that I want to be the type of woman who helps other women see that if I can do it, they sure as hell can too,” says Claudia Gonzalez, Sales Manager. “And what motivates me is knowing that success is a product of skill, but it’s based way more on how hard you work. You can have anything you want if you’re willing to work for it.”

“I love solving interesting problems in creative ways,” says Emmy Sobieski, VP of Platform Expansion, “coaching others to find their innate gifts, and inspiring curiosity to build connections.”

“Knowing that there’s so much to learn and do in the world keeps me inspired,” says Elise Villadoz, Social Media Manager.

“I am motivated by a strong upbringing by my parents to be a reliable, dependable, honest and hardworking person,” says Shelley Bishop, East Coast Ops Supervisor. “My parents instilled in me the confidence and determination to accomplish the goals and dreams I set forth in myself. I strive to be a better person each day and learn from my past experiences.”

“My parents inspire me,” says Wintana Woldegebriel, Operations Manager, “two very hardworking people who left their family and everything they knew to create better opportunities for my brothers and me. They constantly remind me to be appreciative of what I have, and to also strive for whatever I want.”

“What motivates me are my two daughters,” says Raquel Shingleton, VP of Compliance. “I strive to be my best version of myself each and every day. That includes taking missteps and making them lessons learned.”

“My son inspires me,” says Heather Vale, Content Writer, “as well as my pets. And I’m motivated by the ability to be creative in pursuit of making a difference in the world.”

What do you love about working at Coin Cloud?

“The best thing about working at Coin Cloud is the people,” Bobbi smiles.

“People are what make or break an organization,” Raquel agrees. “I love working with the people of Coin Cloud in a profession that I love, knowing the work I do contributes to the success of the company.”

“There are so many reasons why I love working for Coin Cloud,” says Mini, one of Coin Cloud’s first 25 employees. “First, I would say the people I work with on a daily basis make it easy to wake up and come to work every day. The other reason that comes to mind is the constant change we are experiencing during our hyper growth — from many new hires to many process trials and errors. I feel like my daily job duties make a difference within the company, and it makes me happy knowing that I am contributing to the successes. I can’t wait to see where we are at in 10 years!”

“I love working at Coin Cloud because it harvests an entrepreneurial spirit,” Wintana explains. “Every day, we all learn something new that helps us work as a team for the success of this company.” She feels extremely lucky to have watched Coin Cloud grow as one its early employees. “It feels like a child that we all raised together,” she laughs. “I also love working at Coin Cloud because they gave me opportunities that I don’t think would have been presented to me anywhere else. Coin Cloud believed in me when I did not believe in myself.”

“There’s a fantastic variety of people that work here, each with their own skills and talents,” Heather muses. “And it makes for a very well-rounded team that’s also coherent and connected. I love how I’m allowed to stretch a bit creatively, and how I get to learn about so many fascinating topics while doing my job.”

“I love that I have a voice here at Coin Cloud,” Elise says. “I’m free to share ideas with my team and believe that our ideas are really valued.”

“I love that Coin Cloud is growing and innovating at such a pace that I can use my varied skills and collaborate with great people,” says Emmy.

“I am lucky enough to be surrounded by extremely talented people who have taught me a lot,” Claudia says. “I am very fortunate to have leaders who are constantly thinking ahead, growing, and persistently looking for how to do things better. They lead with what’s possible and truly create value for everyone in the company. It’s genuinely such an energizing environment. Being around this kind of vivacity, hard work, and inspiration has allowed me to think and act bigger, and for that, I will forever be appreciative.”

“Coin Cloud has been such a positive and rewarding experience for me since joining during the pandemic,” Shelley reflects. “I love the camaraderie and easiness of the relationships I have amongst my co-workers. The feeling of empowerment and positivity with the opportunity for growth makes this a wonderful organization to work for.”

What advice do you have for women who want to work in the tech field?

“Get your education and life experience in order to compete,” Bobbi advises.

“Believe in yourself,” Emmy adds. “Know your strengths, stand in your power and be flexible enough to learn the rest. We live in the mental box we build, so identify as a great learner, and learn what you need to do to get where you want to be. Rather than say, ‘I am not good at X,’ instead say, ‘I am excited to learn how to become excellent at X.’”

“Success in life is finding where your talents, skills and passions come together,” Heather says, “and learning as much as you can about how to excel at it. That includes studying as well as just doing. Take any opportunity to build on those skills. And understand that there’s no such thing as failure, because if you make a mistake, but learn from it, you’ve actually succeeded.”

“Be involved and accept the challenge,” Shelley suggests. “The future has so much to hold and be told.”

“You already have what it takes,” Claudia stresses. “You’re strong enough. You’re capable enough. You’re smart enough. You’re worthy enough. Be your own permission slip!”

“Do not give up,” Wintana encourages. “You deserve a seat at the table, and you have to negate anyone who thinks that you don’t (and there will be those people). Your gender is not indicative of your ability in the tech field, or any industry for that matter. Believing that you can do anything that you strive for is extremely important.”

“My advice for women who want to work in the tech industry is to just go for it,” Elise says. “Don’t feel intimidated by ideas society or you may have created in your head.”

“Labels are important if you make them important,” Raquel points out. “Don’t be intimidated if you don’t have all the answers; take the knowledge you have and apply it. You will continue to learn every day. Set a goal for yourself and make no excuses until you reach it.”

“My advice is not to get attached to the processes given upfront,” says Mini. “They are always evolving as the technology changes. Always look at ‘better’ (more efficient) ways to tackle a task at hand.”

Happy Women’s History Month.

Disclaimer: The information and views supplied on the Coin Cloud blog are for educational and entertainment purposes only. We are not financial advisors, so please do your research and consult with a trusted financial specialist before investing your money.

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