BTMs Aren’t Just for Bitcoins! (Part 4)

Altcoins for Investing, Researching, Computing and More!
Coin Cloud Team
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June 3, 2020
BTMs Aren’t Just for Bitcoins! (Part 4)

Over the past three posts we’ve been looking at all the categories of altcoins available for trade at Coin Cloud BTMs. In this fourth and final article of the series, we check out the coins and tokens used for exchanges, artificial intelligence, computing and more.


Some platforms are designed for the buying, selling and trading of digital assets. Digital currencies in the swap category are made for trading assets on these platforms and marketplaces.


Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX)

The Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) platform is designed to let you safely and conveniently create, buy, sell and trade things – whether digital or physical – instantly and securely. The global community on the exchange includes buyers, sellers, traders, collectors, merchants, creators, gamers and developers. Their suite of blockchain-based tools is limited only by your imagination.

You can build an online store using their B2B tools, buy and sell gift cards, or create a digital version of something in your closet. The idea to create this platform came from the founders’ involvement with digital goods exchange OPSkins, one of the world’s largest marketplaces of its type, where trends showed most transactions were between countries and less than $25. They decided that blockchain technology would make this process cheaper, faster and more convenient for users.

Announced in 2017 and revamped in 2019, the WAX platform has gone through some evolution. WAX tokens, originally Ethereum-based, are now on their own WAX Protocol blockchain.


0x Protocol (ZRX)

0x is an open protocol to enable peer-to-peer exchange of tokenized assets on the Ethereum blockchain. The free, open-source platform allows developers and businesses to build products for buying and trading crypto tokens. Anyone can use 0x to serve their markets, selling and trading anything from gaming items to financial tools to newly invented digital assets.

0x is designed to lower the barrier to entry through its modular system that gives you access to a shared pool of digital assets, and lets you add an exchange layer to any existing product. Their ZRX token is the currency used to pay for these services.

The 0x Protocol offers robust smart contracts that have gone through rigorous security audits, a modular pipeline with an extendable API so you can plug in your own smart contracts, and an efficient design that enables faster blockchain transactions. It can be used to create NFTs and trading marketplaces for games, collectibles, books, decentralized loans, stablecoins and more.

And the Rest …

Some digital currencies available to trade at Coin Cloud BTMs don’t neatly fall into any of these other categories. These run the gamut from security tokens to data publishing to artificial intelligence.


Polymath (POLY): Security Tokens

Polymath is a global, open-source platform for issuing and investing in security tokens. It’s designed to make creating, distributing and managing digital securities on the blockchain easy to do and simple to integrate. Tokens created on the platform are standardized using Ethereum technology, with smart contracts that are compliant to regulations of various jurisdictions so you don’t have to worry about the ins and out of the legal process.

Polymath offers an end-to-end solution with modular options for customization and white label opportunity. The POLY token is used to make payments on the Polymath platform, including transactions between token issuers, investors, developers and service providers.


Golem (GNT): Computing

Golem is a global open-source decentralized supercomputer, using combined power from many users’ machines – everything from single PCs to large data centers. It can compute a wide range of tasks, from CGI rendering to scientific computations. Anyone can use it, and the shared resources make it inexpensive, reliable and flexible.

Golem lets users and applications rent out cycles from other users’ machines, one being the requestor and the other being the provider. All computations are done in the sandbox, completely isolated from host systems. Payment is done with Golem Network Tokens (GNT) through an Ethereum-based transaction system.


ChainLink (LINK): Data Publishing

The ChainLink network lets you run complex smart contracts on any blockchain, through tamper-proof and reliable inputs and outputs. The resulting process is secure from end to end, even with multiple inputs and outputs. You can connect the smart contracts to any external API and send payments anywhere, including real-world bank accounts and networks.

Since smart contracts can’t access data on their own, there’s often a connectivity issue when they’re implemented. External resources like APIs and off-chain data need to connect flawlessly to the smart contract, but this isn’t easy to do with blockchain technology. ChainLink closes this gap through its decentralized oracle network, which provides the same guarantees of reliability and security as the smart contracts themselves.

The Ethereum-based LINK token is used to pay ChainLink node operators when retrieving off-chain data, making off-chain computations, and formatting data to be read by the blockchain. Prices for LINK tokens are set by the node operators based on supply and demand.


Endor (EDR): Artificial Intelligence

Endor’s co-founders went to MIT, where they developed a new AI science – called Social Physics – which analyzes people’s behavior patterns to predict future choices and actions. This led to the launch of Endor, a platform that provides encrypted, automated AI-powered business predictions that are fast, accurate and secure.

This easy-to-use blockchain platform allows individual business owners to run predictive analytics instantly and seamlessly, without need for a data scientist or programmer. And its ability to read and analyze encrypted data – without decryption – guarantees its security and privacy.

The scalable system can provide insights to sales, marketing or business development departments, giving companies an edge over their competition by allowing them to anticipate the evolving needs of customers. The Ethereum-based EDR token is used to pay for these services on the Endor platform, including infrastructure and data acquisition.

So now you know that Coin Cloud machines aren’t just for Bitcoin … and that’s an understatement! We hope you’ve enjoyed this series of four posts, designed to inform you of all the altcoins that you can buy and sell at Coin Cloud ATMs, the world’s largest network of two-way digital currency kiosks.

Disclaimer: The information and views supplied on the Coin Cloud blog are for educational and entertainment purposes only. We are not financial advisors, so please do your research and consult with a trusted financial specialist before investing your money.

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