Best Crypto Podcast

What is the Best Crypto Podcast Out Right Now?
Coin Cloud Team
, published on 
March 11, 2022
Best Crypto Podcast

We love podcasts and cryptos, so why not combine the two? After all, reading requires all of your attention, and while you can "listen" to a video, they're typically structured to be viewed.

Listening to a podcast comes alive as we hear an engaging voice deliver outstanding material. This enjoyment is doubled when we're consuming content on a subject we're passionate about.

Cryptocurrency is a rapidly changing market, with new coins, trends, and projects appearing daily. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, and it has taken the globe by storm since its inception in 2008. However, Coinmarketcap now lists over 13,000 coins, and the number of podcasts dedicated to these coins is slowly catching up.

The following list contains the best crypto podcast that attempts to make sense of this fast-changing technology.

11 Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts

If you’re looking to brush up on new industry terms or are a complete novice, here are some of the best podcasts on cryptocurrency to get you started:

1. Around the Coin

Around the Coin is a prominent fintech podcast that has won several awards. Faisal Khan and Mike Townsend, co-hosts, explore everything related to crypto and payments, from shell trading to bitcoins and everything in between!

Around the Coin began in 2013 when Mike asked Brian and Faisal on Quora whether they'd want to join a weekly cryptocurrency podcast. Brian, Mike, and Faisal philosophized about the world and payments news over the show's first four years. Hundreds of guests from major crypto, fintech, and general entrepreneurs have already been on Around the Coin.

They discuss banking, payments, blockchain, crypto, money, economics, entrepreneurship, and everything in between.

2. Crypto 101

The Crypto 101 Show is the best crypto podcast for people of all ages to acquire, comprehend, and expand their cryptocurrency knowledge. To assist you in establishing a good foundation with all things crypto, they start with the basics.

The goal of this podcast isn't for you to get wealthy. It's to help you stay ahead of the game by understanding the new money power structure, how vital it is for the future, why and what you should know, and how it will determine the financial market's supremacy of the next generation — the fundamentals of cryptography.

It’s the best podcast to learn about cryptocurrency without all the technical jargon, with hosts who get to the heart of the matter — and help you understand it completely.

Despite working in a new and highly specialized field, the Crypto101 team condenses crypto concepts into a digestible format for the everyday consumer. More significantly, they explain why discoveries in this field are so fascinating. Technology isn't engaging unless it's made relevant to our own lives, and Aaron and Bryce are masters at this.

3. CryptoNews delivers exclusive coverage of worldwide blockchain and cryptocurrency news, as well as thoughts, evaluations, guides, and introductions to crypto to assist the general public in understanding and effectively utilizing these technologies today and in the future.

They feel that the ability of people to understand and embrace change is the most crucial aspect of the Blockchain revolution. Their journalistic values of objectivity, honesty, openness, and accuracy will guide you through this fast-paced environment making it the best cryptocurrency podcast to start your journey with.

4. The Pomp Podcast

Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano is a technology entrepreneur and investor. The majority of people just refer to him as "Pomp." He now maintains a $500 million investment portfolio, including holdings in several of the biggest names in the bitcoin and crypto industries.

Anthony also presents one of the top crypto podcasts "The Pomp Podcast," with over 20 million downloads. Pomp also sends out a daily message to more than 150,000 investors every morning.

Having guests on your podcast is typical, but Anthony is an expert at it. His material is purely dependent on the thoughts and knowledge of his guests on cryptocurrencies. Even though you've heard numerous guests talk about the same topic, this makes each conversation unique.

The major attraction of the Pomp podcast is the diversity of viewpoints on some of the most popular issues. From high-profile CEOs to self-made billionaire traders, many people appear on the show to share their thoughts. This is a must-hear for everyone interested in what successful crypto investors have to say.

5. Bad Crypto Podcast

Joel Comm, an internet pioneer, author, and blockchain enthusiast, along with Travis Wright, a top marketing technologist, co-founder of CCP Digital, and futurist host The Bad Crypto Podcast (BCP). While it's named the Bad Crypto Podcast, it's anything but, as the show focuses on helping people figure out cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the future of digital payments. Since its start, the podcast has received over 10 million downloads.

6. The Crypto Conversation

This podcast is one of the IPs of Brave New Coin, a crypto news organization. The majority of the broadcasts are analytical, with a strong emphasis on hypotheses and forecasts. You can learn a great deal about how bitcoin works and predict certain moves.

Even though Andy Pickering rarely offers the information, he does an excellent job leading the show. Most of the talking is generally done by the guest who is either an expert in the topic or has trade experience.

7. Zero Knowledge

For those who are curious, this podcast is titled after the Zero Knowledge procedure, which is a mechanism for verifying the truth of a proposition. The ZKP is one of the most important verification components in cryptography.

The moniker is a good fit for the sort of content Anna Rose, and her guests provide. These like-minded people look into the details of cryptocurrencies, such as privacy, upgrades, and systemic difficulties. The discussions are an educational blend of data analysis and informed opinions.

8. The Token Metrics Podcast

The Token Metrics Podcast is simply one facet of the Token Metrics brand. Token Metrics is a cryptocurrency investment platform based on a novel approach to initial coin offerings (ICOs).

Ian Balina, the company's founder and CEO, has a background in computer engineering and software development. He did not come from a financial background, unlike many of his friends in the crypto world. As a result, when he first became involved in the crypto arena, he took an entirely different strategy. According to the startup, it's a "data-driven, moneyball approach" to ICO investment.

This business has always been recognized for teaching and sharing with its audience. It began with creating YouTube videos and hosting two weekly live streams. This allowed them to communicate and document their research process while also responding to viewer and subscription inquiries. The spreadsheet that laid out their whole strategy was also available to viewers for free.

From blockchain and cryptocurrency news to analysis and investment methods, the Token Metrics Podcast has you covered. During episodes, you'll hear from the Token Metrics team as well as some prominent guests.

Some podcast episodes are only a few minutes long, yet even these little bursts of knowledge may be helpful. 

9. Crypto Campfire Podcast

This show is exactly what its name implies: an informal talk free of jargon and conflicting viewpoints. It is just two guys having basic conversations. 

Their themes range from coffee to fishing to celebrities and video games, covering a wide range of issues. They manage to relate all of this to cryptocurrencies in some way. Mitch and the Perfesser have nearly opposing tones, so it's easy to discern who's speaking.

Overall, Campfire Podcast is ideal for those who want to listen to perspectives on current events in the crypto realm while laughing.

10. What Bitcoin Did

What Bitcoin Did is one of the best crypto podcasts 2021 has gotten to experience. Peter McCormack, like Stephan Livera, writes on bitcoin and its importance in today's economy.

The amount of instructional material on this podcast is what makes it so wonderful. There's a lot you may take away from Peter and his guests. Beginners will feel at ease because the dialogues are quite simple to grasp. You should catch this program if you're interested in bitcoin but don't know where to begin.

11. The Stephan Livera Podcast

The Stephan Livera Podcast has made a name by becoming one of the most popular Bitcoin crypto podcast options available. With Livera ranking as a top Bitcoin influencer, it's no wonder that he also hosts the best Bitcoin podcast. He's one of the co-founders of Ministry of Nodes, a startup that aims to educate and advise those who are new to Bitcoin.

The podcast takes a similar approach, offering listeners educational resources, conversations, and interviews. Several high-profile guests appear on the program, including Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Joseph Salerno, Ron Paul, and others.

Finished Listening?

Now that you've binged on the best crypto podcast and have been given a primer on some of the most prominent cryptocurrencies, you're probably ready to start investing.

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