The World’s Leading DCM Operator is Creating a Future with Digital Currency For All™

Coin Cloud’s 4,000+ Digital Currency Machines (DCMs) across the USA and Brazil empower you to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and other popular cryptocurrencies with cash.
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The world’s largest two-way digital currency machine operator.
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About Us

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Coin Cloud’s vision is to build the world’s most extensive network of advanced DCMs, to fulfill our mission of providing Digital Currency for All™. We envision a kiosk on every street corner, bringing the best, most advanced and most convenient digital currency experience to everyone.


To being the best and most trusted Digital Currency Machine company in the world.


To follow our moral standards with honest transparency, no matter what roadblocks we run into.


For everyone, from our clients, retail partners, and team members, to the global population.


To our customers, who made us what we are, and to the industry that inspired us to get there.


For all people regardless of background, race, nationality, religion, orientation, gender, or age.


To predict trends and remain on the cutting edge of the financial technology and services sector.
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